Sunday, November 4, 2007

Artist in the making

Aaaahhh, the mind of a small child. So innocent and so pure. "Hey Anna, where are we suppose to use markers or crayons." The remark usually is a look of bewilderment or a scowl of disaproval. Occasionally, she will say, "Only on paper." I thought she was awfully quiet after I left her room during her bedtime routine. I went to go to bed about 3-4hrs after putting her down and found her sleeping in our bed. So, I picked up her limp sleeping body and took her back to her bed. What I thought was a new sheet with a pattern on it was actually her handy nightime artwork. I had to do a double take since it was kind of dark and I wasn't sure that I was seeing what I was seeing. Of course, I had to call Shelly in and we both stood there in awe like we were seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. We started to get all misty eyed and shook our heads in disbelief. We wanted to get mad but we couldn't because it was so darn cute. Notice the artwork on her tummy, arms, and hands (you can't see the legs and feet that she so painstakingly polka dotted as well). We wonder what goes on in that little noggin of hers.


Carmen Goetschius said...

How freaking cute is this post?!?! Love all the pics. Your blog is beautiful. The shot at the market is gorgeous. I don't blame Anna for scowling at everyone. Sometimes I feel like scowling too--- it is hard to stand out everywhere you go! Beautiful photography friends. I look forward to meeting your cats. I am a cat person. Love the fuzzy furballs. By the way, your blog title is fab.... who screams that song?! Can't remember. Aerosmith? Take care friends! Carmen

Sue said...

Thanks for the great laugh this morning as I was enjoying my coffee!!! Maybe you should pair Anna with a creative elephant -- they could make beautiful art together!!

Thanks for sharing all your adventures -- Sue