Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bangkok, the city of Angels

After our island excursion we headed to Bangkok to handle our visa's. We were unable to secure them then, but that will be another story. We tried traditional Thai massage with the whole family. How relaxing is that? Anna about half way through it thought it would be fun to climb all over the rest of us. The Thai masseuses were enjoying the Anna circus show. We also rode the sky train to the weekend market and walked around and bought a few things. Note to self: Never walk around a extremely crowded market in a 1000% humidity with a 4 and 6 year old who seem unable to hear my voice. We also made a trip to see an owner of a guesthouse that we've stayed at every time that we visited Bangkok in the past 16 years. We first met Pat the owner of KC guesthouse in 1992. We sent her pictures of us with Acacia as baby and she showed us the pictures up on her bulletin board, which I showed Acacia. It was pretty cool. The place has changed quite a bit but Pat remains the same. They greeted us like we had been gone only a couple of weeks. You gotta love Thailand.

And as you can (not) see, Annapurna's cheek is healing nicely and the dog bite scar is hardly noticable.

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Su Bersch said...

Wow weeeeee you lucky girls, Mommy & Daddy tooo! - To have such a RELAXING massage. I bet you really enjoyed yourselves. When Aunt Su comes to visit you need to take her for a massage. Have you gotton your toe nails done? Glad you had a good time.
Love You Aunt Su