Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Chiang Mai rush hour

On our first couple weeks here we went to Mae Rim to ride elephants and to take in the sights of Northern Thailand. The elephants are amazing and are incredibly smart. One of the elephants painted a pretty detailed painting. Our elephant rides were about an hour. Acacia and Daddy on one and Mommy and Anna on a different one. Lots of colorful things to buy and colorful people too.Just the other day coming home from our friends house we saw a elephant on the side of the street. Something you don't see everyday.

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Su Bersch said...

The elephants ride looks like a lot of fun but kinda scarey too because they are so tall. Anna - it looks like you were making an Elephant friend. Did you name him? Jake & Wyatt want to come and ride the elephants with you and jump in the water.
Love Aunt Su