Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Island getaway

During Acacia's school break we got to get away to an Island on the Andaman coast in southern Thailand. The Island is Koh Lanta. To get there from the mainland you have to cross from the mainland to an Island via vehicle ferry to the another vehicle ferry to Koh Lanta. We had a good time, although this is the rainy season and it was. The kids absolutely loved it though. We had a river inlet right in front of our resort that we had to cross to get to the beach proper. During high tide this river became quite strong, but the kids (fearless and danger) insisted on crossing. One time on our way back from the beach Anna was determined to cross the river channel despite her Dad trying to help her. She was having none of that. By God she was going to do it on her own whether she drowned or not. Don't worry I wouldn't let her drown. Poor Anna got lots of insect bites on her stomach and upper legs. Sand fleas or something. I'll put a picture of that one on a different entry. She is much better now. We needed this break after such a rocky start here.

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