Sunday, November 25, 2007

Loi Krathong

On the proper full-moon night, small lotus-shaped baskets or boats made of banana leaves containing flowers, incense, candles and a coin are floated on Thai rivers, lakes and canals. In Chiang Mai, where the festival is called "Yi Peng", residents also launch paper hot-air balloons into the sky. The town in one continuous fireworks display during a week or two. We went to a festival where they released hundreds of these hot-air balloons/lanterns into the sky at one time. The kids loved launching these floating lanterns. It was really cool to see the sky filled with them at night. The city center was a little dangerous with all the firecrackers going off everywhere. Overall, it was a very interesting and fun holiday. Parades and floats lined the street to the festival grounds.

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Peter Varvel said...

Absolutely lovely, both the photos and the written descriptions!
I'm glad you guys are keeping a regular record of your experiences there--you could write a great children's book on this one entry alone!