Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mosquito coast

Poor,poor Acacia. She has her mothers blood and mosquitos love it. She always has this tendency to sleep in just undies or in the buff. Well, one night she crawled into our bed while we were downstairs and the mosquito net was not up yet,so she was open to the elements.I put her back in her bed and made sure the mosquito net was completely covering her bed. I guess there were some rogue mosquitos hiding in the shadows of the net. Anyway we counted 89 new bites. Yikes!


sandyvandylittle said...

Welll.....I guess I will be having a rough time there with the mosquitos also. If 10 are in a room ALL 10 will come to me!!!!!
Glad to see all the different adventures. Looks like fun. (and other things at times)
bye for now, Sandy

Su Bersch said...

Pooooor Acacia - So itchy and swollen. Love Aunt Su