Thursday, November 1, 2007

Street Market in Chiang Mai

This has become a routine every Sunday with the girls. We go to the center of town and walk through the street market which is quite long and jam packed with everything under the sun. The kids love running throughout the street and Acacia has become quite the goodwill ambassador with her wai and sawat dii kaa to everyone she meets. The Thai's can't get enough of her and fawn all over her when she talks in the little bit of Thai that she knows. Anna gets a lot of attention too but she scowls at everyone and I think she is very tired of everyone always touching her curly hair and pinching her cheeks. The kids seem to like the street food, especially the noodle soup. Now if we could only get them to use utensils.

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sandyvandylittle said...

Dear Faucett family,

We are enjoying ALL of your photos to date.....did not comment because we did not know how, as we do not have a Google account....Sandy is going to show us how to get one......we are using her for this message. Love this noodle eater.

All of your photos are great, the elephants, visit to the island, buck bums, even the mosquito girl. Hope you are feeling better, Acacia, now Opa and Oma know that we should bring lots of mosquito repellant when we come to visit you next year. Mosquitoes love Oma too, and Oma gets big red welts too. BOO HOO.

Hopefully we will learn to navigate this blog thing soon, and have added another computer skill to our limited abilities.

Love you all, Opa and Oma