Saturday, December 1, 2007

Farewell, Smokey

If you look again at our first ever blog entry you will see me with 2 of our newly acquired kitties. One is Lovebug and the darker one is Smokey. Lovebug is Acacia's cat and Smokey is Anna's cat. Unfortunately, during our island getaway, Smokey went to heaven. Our neighbor was watching the kittens and during the night she said she heard a cat fight. When morning came, Smokey was no where to be found. The poor guy already used up a few of his lives just from being man-handled by Anna. (Let's just say she is not the most gentle with animals). Lately, Acacia has been crying and very distraught about Smokey's demise. We decided to have a burial ceremony of sorts. Acacia wrote a note to God and sent it to heaven attached to a floating lantern. We prayed and lit flowered candles. Flowers with candles and incense are used in traditional Thai burial ceremonies. We finished off with tea and cookies and each of us spoke of what we loved about Smokey. It was very sweet and sad. We actually started to tear up when Anna was saying her prayer about Smokey. Something about a sweet innocent little voice praying about the death of a kitten to grab at your heart.

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Peter Varvel said...

Oh! I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Smokey.
Please tell the girls that Uncle Peter is very sad about this and will pray for the memory of Smokey, as well as your family.