Monday, December 3, 2007

Riding bikes and homework

The kids absolutely love riding their bikes in the moobaan (neighborhood) and their Dad loves to take pictures of them. So,it's a win-win situation. The kids have their routines now and seem to be enjoying life here much more. Homework, on the other hand, is a different story as Acacia sometimes balks at the mention of it. Anna seems to love homework and wants to do more and more. Kids...... Anna is always wanting to do what Acacia is doing because she loves her big sister. Acacia is always getting annoyed at Anna for copy-catting her. Needless to say fighting abounds. Sometimes I look into my girls faces and see God smiling at me and other times I swear to God it's the devil. You gotta love em though!!!!!


Peter Varvel said...

Sounds like normal, healthy girls to me!
BEAUTIFUL in black and white, those photos.

Su Bersch said...

My darling girls look like they are adjusting. It is so good to see their sweet smiles and faces glowing with each new experience. Love Aunt Su