Saturday, April 19, 2008

International day at CMIS

It was an international day extravaganza at Acacia's school. CMIS (Chiang Mai International School)is a very diverse school with many countries represented. They celebrated with lots of games, activities, food booths, and a talent show that had dancing and singing from various countries. Shelly was in charge of the U.S.A booth and did a great job of decorating and organizing the booth. The U.S.A booth provided hot dogs, potato salad and apple pie. There was also a craft for the kids to make a flag pin with beads. Each booth sold food from their country and was decorated in their countries theme. It was a great day sampling all the different kinds of food and visiting all these different countries. It felt like the 4th of July with all the excitement in the air.


Carmen Goetschius said...

weird to see stars and stripes..... mmmm.... where on earth did you find hotdogs?

Peter Varvel said...

It's a Small World, after all!
Great photos, as usual!