Monday, May 26, 2008

Shillong India

The illustrious Dr Les Morgan. Les and his family have lived in Bangladesh for the last 18years as mission co-workers for the Presbyterian Church USA. Unfortunately, Les' son has "Ewing Sarcoma" and is receiving treatment in Houston Tx, so the whole family is now in Texas supporting Everett. Les is one of the most compassionate Doctors I have ever seen. He was amazing to watch during our trip in India. He has a special gift of really connecting with people on a deeper level. He also likes to joke and goof around which help lighten some of the sad situations we witnessed. Thanks Les for the wonderful insight and advice you gave me. I'll be praying for your son Everett.

This is a "De addiction" place set up by the Presbyterian Church in Shillong India. We talked to many of the patrons and also the staff running the place. Apparently there is a big alcohol problem in Shillong.
We had several meetings in Shillong with the Church of North India, with people coming from all over India to meet with us. These three gentlemen on the right drove 38 hrs just to visit with us for about an hour and a half. Shillong is up in the mountains up curving, winding roads. WOW!!!
Out in the street in Shillong. Very cold at night. I always pictured India in the stifling heat, but this place was freezing. I was totally unprepared with my clothing.
Hello....... Can't you read, it says "only fooding". It's not like it is a hotel or something!
Visiting the mission hospital. We met and talked with several of the staff and received the Grand Tour.
This is the room they hang dry the latex gloves after they have been cleaned. I wonder what my nurse friends think of this? This is life here. They don't have many options.
One of the many units we visited in the mission hospital. I liked talking to the nurses and I shared a little of my experiences with them as a fellow nurse. They all seemed a little shocked when they found out I was a nurse. It is similar to the states in that there are few male nurses. Even fewer in Shillong.

Some local kids ham it up for the camera during our walk around town. Kids are great!!! You gotta love em!!!


Peter Varvel said...

Brett, I didn't know you were a nurse, either--sorry!
Another great post. Thank you for continuing to add to this blog.
Love the hotel sign! I'm sure you've already seen many examples of "engrish" in your travels, ha ha.

kranthi P said...
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Nimisha said...

Hi. I really like the picture of the children. I work in the social sector in children's education. I am tempted to use this picture on a cover of some reading material we plan to distribute in a workshop on the Right to Education Act in Shillong, India. It is a non-commercial activity. May I have your permission to use it? We will give your name/blog link as photo credit. Many Thanks!

Acacia Faucett said...

Dear Nimisha,

Yes you have my permission to use this photo for the cover of your reading materials.

Brett Faucett

Nimisha said...