Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chiang Mai Zoo

Welcome to Chiang Mai Zoo! I had the honor of being a chaperon for Acacia's 1st grade field trip to the zoo. This is her 1st grade class and her teacher Ms. Melody. The zoo was actually better than I anticipated. Although, I don't know what I anticipated. The kids were a little excited. Trying to keep track of them was a nightmare. I'm glad there were other parents there to help out.

It was crazy how close you could get to some of these animals. Especially something as huge and dangerous as a hippo. The kids were allowed to feed some of the animals like the hippo and giraffe. Thankfully, they weren't allowed to feed the lions.
We all had a great time and look forward to taking the rest of the family to the zoo during our summer break.

Acacia is feeding a giraffe a long string bean. Look how long that tongue is!!!!!

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Peter Varvel said...

Look at all of that pleasing purple and lovely lavender!
Great photos!
Brett, thanks for comment! Don't discount the anonymous "lurkers," though. I'm sure you have several silent blog readers!
I worked in a small town in Japan, so it gave me an idea of the bicycle and scooter congestion many parts of Asia have, yikes!