Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wost in Twanswation

You know what amazes me is that they seem to be able to spell indistinguishable correctly but can't seem to spell standing (stabding). All of these wonderful snipits of the english language were witnessed at the Chiang Mai Zoo.
We stopped to get some lunch during our outing at the zoo, hummmm.....what sounds good.....I think I'll get the "fried hot at rice," and the little lady will get the "fried vegetable socy with pork. Our friend here will have the "fried pork with garic". Man, it all sounds so delish.....
This last one was a beaut. See how many wost in twanswations you can find. I know it may be difficult to read, but give it a go. I know there are at least 7, maybe more!

This will be a recurring theme since there is so much great material here.


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Peter Varvel said...

Brett, if you haven't already, check out engrish dot com

It is very funny, and you could probably contribute to that web site with all of the terrific photos you're taking.