Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"That's Entertainment"

TV...... Who needs a TV when we have non-stop entertainment at the drop of a hat. We have fashion shows, American/Thai Idol shows and So you think you can dance shows. The selection is endless. The girls feel it is their duty to entertain us.
Today we are being treated to a puppet show. One thing you can't see is off camera and that is Anna singing background songs for the production. Acacia did the same for Anna on her puppet show. They really are team players.
Hey Shell check out what Anna is doing! Shell, Shell get up you are missing the best part. Ok, so the productions run a little long and can sometimes be a little hard to follow.
Anna tends to use every part of the stage and has quite the imagination. Sometimes she really surprises us with what she comes up with.
I hope they have tickets available for their up coming shows. I hear they sell out fast! I don't want to be left behind. Break a leg girls!!!!

Love Dad


Peter Varvel said...

Hey, if you're ever able to upload video clips to the blog, give the rest of us an "exclusive" peek!

Carmen Goetschius said...

I want to see these shows!!! Hey-- everything okay where you are?! State of emergency in Bangkok?