Wednesday, January 21, 2009

History in the making!!!!!

I came so close to calling in hopeful this morning to work. I had a serious case of Obama fever. My symptoms were uncontrolled giddiness, uncharacteristic hopefulness. I also had reduced amount of saracsm. What is going on with me? Maybe it is also because I was up so late watching history unfold before my eyes. The Presidential Inaugural speech did not start until midnight here in Thailand. But, that didn't stop anyone from celebrating. This is a picture of my friend Greg sporting an Obama tee shirt written in Thai. We had a gathering at the U.N. Irish pub in the heart of downtown Chiang Mai.
Greg his wife Liz and I showed up early to get a good location. Today was also Liz's birthday. What a memorable birthday for her.
Liz intently watching CNN among the expats of Chiang Mai.

That is me giving a thumbs up to my peeps.

Anytime Obama was shown on TV the crowd would erupt in cheers. I felt like I was watching the superbowl.

This is the moment when Barak Obama took the oath of office. We were all like a bunch of giddy school girls. What a memorable night. Some of my friends were crying and we were all hugging. I will never forget it.

It really felt good to be an American again!


Peter Varvel said...

Hear hear!
And here, here, where ever you may be on this planet!

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Carmen Goetschius said...

A good day. A very good day.