Saturday, August 28, 2010

Acacia's 9th Birthday

Where does the time go? It seems like only yesterday I was changing Acacia's diaper and now she is already 9! That means I must be getting older too, but that can't be right, could it? Pretty soon Acacia will be changing my diaper. Not looking forward to that day. We continue the tradition of number shaped pancakes for the birthday breakfast. I think for my birthday we will have to make a double batch of batter.

Acacia posing with her plethora of gifts. She was a happy camper this morning. She woke to a number 9 pancake, presents on the table and a room full of balloons.

One of Acacia's presents proved to be quite popular. She has been wanting in-line skates for some time now. Here she is demonstrating her prowess.

This year Acacia wanted to have a bowling party with a few of her friends for her birthday party. 2hrs of non-stop bowling fun!!! Here is Anna showing her excellent form for delivering her numerous strikes. It helps to have bumper guards too.

Acacia would literally run up to the line and throw the bowling ball down the lane. She was pretty darn accurate sometimes. On her 3rd game she broke the 100 barrier. Sweet!!!!! Great job honey!

Bowling is exhausting! If you don't believe me just ask Anna.

One of the coolest presents Acacia got was this Goliath beetle. Her friend Jonathan gave it to her. They are sold everywhere this time of year in Chiang Mai. They are huge, hence the name Goliath. He is tethered to a stick of sugar cane, his constant food source. The Thai's often have the male Goliath beetles fight with each other and they bet on the outcome. Good times! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

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Carmen Goetschius said...

Happy Birthday, Acacia!!! Fun pictures (loved the bowling one with the reflection on the floor especially)! Fun day! How long will that beetle stick around?