Saturday, July 30, 2011

Don't you know

Untitled from Brett Faucett on Vimeo.

I originally shot this video to practice my skills at running while videotaping. I used my tripod as a steadi cam. I thought the shots were pretty good especially since I was running during most of it. While I was looking at the footage later I kept getting nostalgic about the girls. They seem to be growing so fast and I feel that the time I am spending with them is slowly slipping away. Pretty soon Dad will go from being the coolest guy to being the biggest dork who ever lived. I also can't help but notice how beautiful my girls are. I know I am being biased, but just look at them. They have such a sweet innocence about them that is precious. It makes them look even much more beautiful. God has truly blessed me with two beautiful little girls. How has God blessed you?

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