Sunday, October 14, 2007

Got kitties?

Well, we've done it. We've joined the ranks of cat owners. We thought the girls would feel more at home if they had a pet to call their own. Our very first pets. They each chose a kitten from the same litter (Mom made sure they picked boys, so we don't need to worry about future kittens, smart, huh!) So, now we have 2 cuddly fur balls. Acacia has a little tabby and white mix cat named Lovebug Joy Faucett. Annapurna has named her kitten Smokey-Lovebug. They provide lots of entertainment for us all. Brett claimed the kittens were for the girls, yet at every opportunity he has them on his lap or curled up on his stomach or around his neck like a fur stole. So far no fleas, so we are thankful for that. Here are photos of the newest members of our family.