Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Acacia's 8th Birthday

First of all, sorry it has taken me so long to update the blog. Second of all, Happy Birthday Acacia!!!!!!!!! 8years old!!!! Where did all the time go? This has become sort of a birthday tradition of making a pancake in the shape of the number of how old the girls are. I put in lots of chocolate chips and sprinkles. The girls love em!!

We couldn't find a candle in the house, but did find a sparkler. She didn't try to blow the sparkler out.

One of the many gifts that Acacia received. Acacia loves animals and loves to help Mommy and Daddy with all our injuries. I think she will make and great Nurse, Doctor or Vet someday.

Acacia had her birthday party at Laguna Homes pool (the girls favorite pool). They love it here so much because they have the slide. That is Acacia catching some air at the end of the line.

I swear the girls did this train about a thousand times that day. They had a blast!!!

Acacia and her friends making the big leap into the pool together! You go girls!

Acacia on a solo flight down the slide. Nice superman pose honey!

All that swimming makes you hungry and what better to eat than a ice cream sundae.

No party is complete without a game of twister.
Happy 8th Birthday Acacia WE LOVE YOU!!!!!