Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poor Ajan Sanan

I'm heading into work this morning and I see a co-worker starting to drive out of the parking lot and I also noticed that the whole office is closed up. She motions me to get in the car with her and I learn on the way as she is driving that Ajan Sanan (my boss)just had back surgery. What!!!!!!
I do remember Ajan Sanan being in the hospital a couple months ago shortly after receiving a Thai massage. Man, that must have been some kind of massage. For those of you who have never had a Thai massage it can be quite painful at times and you also become a contortionist of sorts. Lots of twisting, bending and popping of joints. It does actually feel good afterwards.
Anyways, I guess it was a continual problem for him so he opted for surgery.

These are the fragments of bone and other inside stuff (that is medical terminology). Ajan Sanan tried to tell me what it is and about his surgery. My medical Thai vocabulary is pretty lacking so I nodded a lot and said "Oh" at the right places and was able to pretend I knew what he was talking about. That's pretty much how I go through life. My nursing friends could probably attest to this.

The dressing looks nice and clean and the patient seems to be healing nicely. He anticipates being in the hospital for a week or so. Depends on how well he does. I hope he recovers quickly and has no further problems. I jokingly said as I was leaving that I was on my way to get a Thai massage. The humor did translate in Thai and there was uproarious laughter heard throughout the room. My work is done here. Get well Ajan Sanan!!!!