Friday, September 5, 2008


Happy Birthday sweetheart!!! (August 28th)I can't believe you are already 7 yrs old. Where did all the time go? Acacia woke up to presents and balloons in the living room. Breakfast was being prepared by Mom.
It's not everyday you get a number 7 shaped pancake with sprinkles. Really a once in a lifetime experience.
We got to celebrate later with ice cream sundaes. Unfortunately, Acacia came home from school with a bad headache on her birthday. The original plan was to have all her friends come over after school and have a birthday party at our house. We cancelled since Acacia wasn't feeling very good and so we scheduled it for next Friday. Her party with all sort of activities was centered around a kitty theme. Acacia loves kitties/cats!!!
So, Mama with her great creativity came up with fun activities and crafts to do, all with kitties in mind. As you can see she is sporting cat ears and a collar. Each child made their own collar and ears in the very beginning and then wore it during the entire party.

We played games like (dog, dog, cat) basically the same as duck,duck, goose. The kids loved it and were able to run some of their sillies out. If you know what I mean.
Acacia sporting her new fashion statement. I think it is Kitty Dior, or something like that. I'm not quite up on the fashion these days. I do like how she is striking a pose.
Anna having fun watching the other girls play pin the flower to the hello kitty while waiting for her own turn.
Acacia is showing her friends how pin the flower on the hello kitty is done. Good job Acacia!!!
The kids also got to decorate their own cupcake with all sorts of goodies to create, what else....... a cat.
This is Miss Melody, Acacia's 1st grade teacher last year. The kids kept chanting for Miss Melody to take a turn. It is hard to refuse 14 screaming girls.
Acacia is leading a game of Kitty says. Are you noticing a theme here. I'll give you a hint......Meeeeooowww!!!
Time for the traditional fishing for prizes. This one was a crowd favorite since everybody received a couple of gifts each.

This last game involved two teams competing against each other by batting a ball with their paws up to a milk dish and then lapping up the milk from the bowl.

Acacia and Tona are the first ones to go and both did a great job.

This is Acacia's friend Jordan showing great kitty technique of lapping up milk. Way to go Jordan!!

I don't know what happened and why they turned, but this ended up being something out of the "Lord of the Flies". Parents finally showed up and picked up their little ones and all was well again.

Happy 7th Birthday Acacia
Love Dad, Mom and Annapurna

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"That's Entertainment"

TV...... Who needs a TV when we have non-stop entertainment at the drop of a hat. We have fashion shows, American/Thai Idol shows and So you think you can dance shows. The selection is endless. The girls feel it is their duty to entertain us.
Today we are being treated to a puppet show. One thing you can't see is off camera and that is Anna singing background songs for the production. Acacia did the same for Anna on her puppet show. They really are team players.
Hey Shell check out what Anna is doing! Shell, Shell get up you are missing the best part. Ok, so the productions run a little long and can sometimes be a little hard to follow.
Anna tends to use every part of the stage and has quite the imagination. Sometimes she really surprises us with what she comes up with.
I hope they have tickets available for their up coming shows. I hear they sell out fast! I don't want to be left behind. Break a leg girls!!!!

Love Dad