Friday, June 20, 2008

Tiger Lily

This is yet another new addition to the Faucett Family. Our neighbor's mommy cat had kittens and the neighbor brought over this runt of the litter. In my limited understanding of Thai I think he was just trying to pawn off the kitty to us. They know our girls love cats and that the kitten would be taken care of with us. Acacia came up with the name "Tiger Lily", I thought "Scrapper Lily" was more appropriate. I was vetoed. We washed her up and took her to the vet for de-worming and antibiotics for the discharge by her eyes.
The kitten really seems to have taken to Acacia and likewise.
Anna loves the kitty too, but we have to keep a close eye on her because she loves animals in that "Lenny" sort of way.

Acacia and Anna holding "Tiger Lily" and her brother "Love Bug" the neighbor's kitten. Their first meeting since we took "Tiger Lily". She has cleaned up nicely and has a baseball for a belly. She was nothing but skin and bones when we first got her. I think she would have died if we didn't take her in, she was in bad shape.

Now, we have a total of 3 cats. Milo, Cosmic Creepers and little Tiger Lily. The older cats just hiss and snarl at poor Tiger Lily and she is blissfully ignorant. She just wants to play with them and they bat at her and want nothing to do with her. The girls absolutely love the cats and they have made our transition more enjoyable.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Doi Suthep

Our girls were a big hit with the Thai people in that they were constantly being hit up to take pictures with groups of Thai's. For some reason adorably cute little girls are hard to resist being photographed. Acacia was a trooper and accomodated quite a few people wanting to take her picture. On the other hand Anna would have nothing to do with anybody trying to take her picture.

I've made a previous entry on Doi Suthep, if you don't believe me just check again. This time we were joined by our good friend Kirsten Pihlaja from our Peace Corps Days in Moldova. She is actually in the last picture.

The last time we were here it was pouring down rain and yet again this time. A little rain is not going to stop us.

Doi Suthep is a huge Buddhist temple located on the mountain within view from the city. It is a beautiful landmark nestled among the lush green mountains.

Wost in Twanswation

You know what amazes me is that they seem to be able to spell indistinguishable correctly but can't seem to spell standing (stabding). All of these wonderful snipits of the english language were witnessed at the Chiang Mai Zoo.
We stopped to get some lunch during our outing at the zoo, hummmm.....what sounds good.....I think I'll get the "fried hot at rice," and the little lady will get the "fried vegetable socy with pork. Our friend here will have the "fried pork with garic". Man, it all sounds so delish.....
This last one was a beaut. See how many wost in twanswations you can find. I know it may be difficult to read, but give it a go. I know there are at least 7, maybe more!

This will be a recurring theme since there is so much great material here.


Sunday, June 15, 2008


This was our first time bowling in Thailand and I must admit, it was a lot fun. This actually all happened about a month ago. I'm just slow at blogging our daily lives. My apologies. One of the only gripes I had during bowling was that our scoreboard on the computer kept entering the wrong score and had to be corrected for each frame. Oh, and this nasty huge tumor that I had on my right leg. I've never seen a tumor grow so quickly and it practically rendered me useless.

I can't count how many times Shelly and I finished our frames in this position hoping for that elusive strike.
You may have picked up on the bumper guards in the picture of Acacia bowling. I can't remember if we requested those for the kids or ourselves. My memory seems to have faded in my old age.

ANNA, ANNA, no,no,no,no watch out for your fingers, the ball is going to pinch your fingerrrrrr........ Wailing and screaming ensued with all Thai eyes upon the the foreigners with the screaming kid. Ahhh, anonymity.
Anna giving us the finger. See my boo boo!! Poor thing we made it all better with ice cream after bowling.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

Acacia has a great time dressing up Anna in ridiculous costumes. Anna being Anna loves it and is not afraid to go out in public in her new threads. I figure I can use these pictures when the girls get older for discipline tactics. Smart,huh!

Anna, Anna, sweet misguided Anna. What are we going to do with you.

The girls love to make up silly costumes and then perform interpretive dance routines. It's better than TV.


Thanks girls for all the wonderful memories.

Love DAD

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chiang Mai Zoo

Welcome to Chiang Mai Zoo! I had the honor of being a chaperon for Acacia's 1st grade field trip to the zoo. This is her 1st grade class and her teacher Ms. Melody. The zoo was actually better than I anticipated. Although, I don't know what I anticipated. The kids were a little excited. Trying to keep track of them was a nightmare. I'm glad there were other parents there to help out.

It was crazy how close you could get to some of these animals. Especially something as huge and dangerous as a hippo. The kids were allowed to feed some of the animals like the hippo and giraffe. Thankfully, they weren't allowed to feed the lions.
We all had a great time and look forward to taking the rest of the family to the zoo during our summer break.

Acacia is feeding a giraffe a long string bean. Look how long that tongue is!!!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thatsa one spicy meetaball!!!

We have a really good Italian friend named Joe who loves to cook amazing Italian meals and wouldn't you know it, we love to eat amazing Italian meals.

The girls learn to make homemade pasta. Anna is cranking out the pasta and Acacia is following Joe's instruction to collect the pasta and then it will be set aside to continue making more.
Unfortunately we had our last dinner with Joe because he has to return to Italy since his visa ran out. Boooooooooo....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm only happy when it rains!

The rains always come on quick and strong. All I heard was "Hey, Dad get my swimsuit."

"Singing in the rain, just singin in the rain, what a glorious feeling, I'm happy again"

"Girls just wanna have fun"

Yeah, whatever.......(courtesy of Milo)

We always enjoy it when it rains for the coolness it brings and the obvious joy it brings the girls. We have a tradition every time it rains to have hot chocolate and popcorn. It seems the girls have been having a lot of these treats lately. No one is complaining about the rain. These are two seperate days of rain showers as you can tell by the different bathing suits.