Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oma and Opa's visit to Thailand

Welcome to Thailand! We met Oma and Opa at the airport on July 5th and shuttled them to our humble abode. They were very tired and needed to rest. Acacia and Anna were absolutely excited to see their Oma and Opa! Anna for the last few days kept asking in the mornings "is Oma and Opa here yet" We had to keep reminding her that they will be here soon. Finally, the day arrived.

The girls greeted Oma and Opa Thai style, with fragrant leis placed around their necks. We still can't believe they are here. The first few days we took it easy on Oma and Opa so they could get used to the time change. We had a lot of fun activities planned for them and the girls couldn't wait.

We visited a Tiger sanctuary on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. They have adult tigers and cubs that you can pet for a 15min period.How awsome is that!! If all that petting gets you hungry they have a restaurant that surrounds the tiger cage and you can eat while watching the tigers. I wonder if that is really a good idea having food served around tigers?

This is the market just outside our moobaan (neighborhood). We shop here quite often and sometimes the girls get free fruit from one of the vendors. So I guess they can buy things with their good looks. I always thought that was a myth about buying things with your good looks. I think it only works with little blond cuties.

Girls day out for tea and scrumpets or something like that. This is a nice tea house on the banks of the Ping River. Shelly, Oma and Acacia enjoyed a relaxing tea and had a great time.

Oma, Opa and the girls enjoying a day out in Lampang which is a sub district just south of Chiang Mai. They saw temples, rode a water buffalo driven cart and took a cruise on the river.

Oma, Opa and Acacia visiting Daddy's work at the Church of Christ in Thailand AIDS Ministry (CAM) office.

"Khum Khantoke" is a touristy dinner show with traditional Thai dancers, music and fun. It is a great place to get your fill of Thai food and enjoy and entertaining show.
They do dances from all the regions in Thailand and from various hill tribe groups.
The girls loved the show and hammed it up for the Thai performers. The girls were dressed in Thai attire, which illicited oohs and ahhs from the Thais. This was one of the last nights in Chiang Mai for Oma and Opa and we wanted them to see traditional Thai dancing.
Acacia and Anna love imitating Thai dancers like the one you see here. I hope someday they show a real interest to actually learning Thai dance.

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!! The beautiful islands in Thailand!! This is Railay Bay in Krabi. Oma and Opa met us here after they took a 4 day tour of the temples in Cambodia. This was a nice place to do nothing but relax, which Shelly is quite aptly demonstrating here. Good technique Shell!!

The beautiful beach and limestone mountains that surround the Krabi Province. This place was picture postcard perfect. If you look closely that is Oma,Opa and the girls playing on the right side of the picture

The major form of transportation around the islands are these long tail boats. You have to be very careful where you sit because they rock side to side very easily. The girls loved riding in the boat looking at the craggy rock formations all along the coast.
Acacia and Anna enjoying the scenery!!!
Acacia holding the sun so that it wont set and we can enjoy a longer day. Thanks Acacia!
I went on my own one day to a secluded bay that was a haven for rock climbers. I had to traverse a steep rocky trail to get here, but it was worth it.
Opa and Anna playing in the sand.
The girls having a great time on these swings. I was going to try it, but I thought I would break it. So, no go for Daddy!

Anna and Oma enjoying the wonderful pools. They actually had two pools. The one where Anna is by herself is right next to the beach and the one with Oma and Anna together was right next to our room. Cool, huh!
A crabs eye view of the beach.

BANGKOK! This is a view from the temple "Wat Arun" or the "Temple of Dawn". The river is the Chao Phraya which snakes throughout Bangkok. The temple is crazy steep to climb and can be a little scary.

Oma,Opa and myself riding a "tuk,tuk" to the Grand Palace. This was Oma and Opa's first "tuk,tuk" ride. Congratulations.
Anna, looking at all the ornate fixtures and Buddhist images. Some people were taking pictures of her instead of the temple.

The largest reclining Buddha in the world.
The amazing temples at the "Grand Palace" This place is a must see!!!
Oma and Opa standing in front of a golden Chedi. I don't know if it is real gold, I doubt it. Man, is it shiny. It almost blinds you looking at it with the sun reflecting off it.

We had a wonderful time with Oma and Opa and wanted to thank you for creating such fun memories with us. We all miss you and love you very much. Thank you for everything. Love the Faucett Family


sandyvandylittle said...

It is great to see Opa and Oma's visit with you. It looks like everyone had a fun time. The "cat" is almost as cute as the 2 blondies! ( and DG Shel)
Thanks for all the super photos Brett.

Peter Varvel said...

Even when I clicked on the picture postcard perfect photo to enlarge it, I could still just barely make out one of the girls' heads bobbing in the ocean, LOL!
What a great post! How wonderful that Oma and Opa were able to make it all the way out there. I'm sure Acacia and Anna will always remember this special time together with them.

wilians wilim said...

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