Thursday, October 9, 2008

Anna's 5th Birthday

Our little girl is now 5 years old and she is already a DIVA. Anna raced down stairs to a table full of gifts and sat down for her birthday breakfast. Mom bought her the perfect gifts-Princess dresses. Anna will wear the same princess dress for weeks. The Thais love it!!!
Whats for breakfast Mom? How about a birthday cupcake to start the day.
Anna tells me that it is all about accessorizing. YOU GO GIRL!
Acacia likes to get in the mix and help with fashion tips too. Anna received 3 other Disney princess outfits for her wearing pleasure.
"There's no place like home", "There's no place like home" Unfortunately the shoes are a little on the narrow side and Anna has wide feet so it looks like she has swollen feet. She walks a little funny in them too. Anna, do the shoes hurt your feet? No..... They're perfect.
Thanks Mom and Dad this was the best birthday ever. I can't believe what great parents you are!!! I mean anybody would be lucky to have you as parents, I can't say enough. I feel honored to be your daughter. Oh, honey please stop you are embarrassing me.


transplanting me said...

i wanna wake up on my birthday at your house and get a cupcake!!

happy birthday, anna.

Peter Varvel said...

This is a girl after my own heart (and taste in fashion, too).
Too precious!
Happy Fifth Birthday, Princess Anna!

Michael said...

Happy birthday Anna!

They are growing up soooo fast.

From Mike, Trish, Alexis and Reed Cottrell.

Sandy said...

What a fantastic birthday you had Anna. You look sooooo beautiful in your princess dress. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you.
Happy Happy Birthday!!
Uncle Monty and Aunt Sandy