Saturday, November 29, 2008

HIV/AIDS awareness exhibits at Chiang Mai University

We are coming up on World AIDS Day on Dec 1st. Several Faith Based Organizations and NGO's around Chiang Mai get together at Chiang Mai University and man information booths. This is Khun Jaruwan sitting at the CAM booth. Jaruwan is the co-director of CAM (CCT AIDS Ministry) along with her husband Ajan Sanan Wutti. The week prior to World AIDS Day several organizations plan events to bring greater awareness of HIV/AIDS.

One of the many participants showing his support by donning the traditional HIV/AIDS red ribbon.
The whole group from CAM posing for a picture in front of our booth and tree of love.

Some of the several college students painting a canvas bag with a message about HIV/AIDS. To be sold and the money to be used for HIV/AIDS education.

There were quite a few talented artists painting these bags. I was very impressed.

This is CAM's tree of love. Participants write a message of hope and love to those suffering from HIV/AIDS and then hang the heart up on the tree.
Banners of information about HIV/AIDS surrounded the event.
It was interesting to see all the creative ways people displayed information regarding HIV/AIDS. It was bright, colorful and attention getting.
Several of the college students putting in hard work and talent to make the exhibition a success.

There was live music and skits to bring all the important information about HIV/AIDS to life. It was a great venue and had a good amount of participation. There will be a much larger celebration tomorrow on Dec 1st in the middle of town. I will take lots of pictures and post another blog on the World AIDS Day events.


Peter Varvel said...

Thank you, Brett and Shelly, for the wonderful and amazing work you continue to do overseas.
I will continue to keep you two and Acacia and Annapurna in prayer.

Missioner said...

Brett and Shelley, this is GREAT! I can't wait to share it with the MAAS folks here, at our church in Midland. Keep up the good work! You are all in our thoughts and prayers ... and our hopes that the unrest we hear about in Bangkok isn't reaching 'up north.'

Carmen Goetschius said...

Very, very cool event! And gorgeous pics as always... Can't wait to hear about things with the girlies and A especially! Love you guys, Carmie