Friday, July 17, 2009

4th of July in Chiang Mai

The sweet taste of fresh watermelon shared among good friends. Ahhhh...... this is the life. Of course we have to eat it as fast as we can because it is a watermelon eating contest thank you very much. Every year during the 4th of July the U.S. Embassy puts on a celebration. It is great to see all these Americans get together and show their patriotism. Makes me glad to be an American. The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays and we all miss going to the parade in downtown Huntington Beach. It was a yearly tradition that the girls loved.

Anna enjoying her Thai friends and Farang friends. They ran around all day/night playing. It was great to see them have so much fun.

Acacia doing her best at the tug-o-war. Look at that determination on her face. Wow!!!! Keep going honey!

There were lots of kids games like the egg race. Steady........ don't drop it honey! Acacia got to see a lot of her friends that she hasn't seen during the summer.

Happy 4th of July everybody. We miss and love you all. Maybe we will be home sometime during the 4th one of these years.
Love the Faucett Family
Brett,Shelly,Acacia and Annapurna


Kirsten and Chad said...

Look at those freckles! Your girls are cuties!

Sandy said...

YUM!!! Watermelon.