Friday, November 12, 2010

To Bee or not to Bee

That is the question!

We've recently been noticing lots of bees around our place and especially around our front entrance area. Just 2 weeks ago I was stung in the right calf by a hornet while jogging. That was a first.
Unfortunately, the point of entry of said hornet stinger caused a small abcess in my calf.
I spent the following 2 weeks draining pus and blood from my calf. Sorry about that for those of you who get queasy at the mention of such things. Since becoming a Nurse nothing fazes me now. I am able to look at really gross things while eating my lunch at the same time. It is amazing how desensitized one can get.

We noticed this massive beehive/hornets nest up on one of the high branches on the tree in our front yard. The picture really doesn't do it justice because that thing was gigantic.

We called our landlord to see what he could do and he sent out his handyman. We heard from our landlord that the handyman said it was the biggest nest/hive he has ever seen.

Fortunately, none of the girls were stung and the situation was taken care of. If Shelly had been stung she would of had a huge welt. She doesn't react very well to bee stings.

I can't believe we didn't notice that hive before. I must have taken awhile to get that big. The handy man removed the nest during the night and used fire to get rid of the bees. Shelly and the girls were here to see it, but I was at a meeting. I was bummed out that I didn't get to see it.

You don't get to see something like that everyday!


Snap said...

Just before we left home, for Thailand, we discovered a bush bee hive. Nowhere near as aggressive as your domestic/normal? bee. The honey was to die for, since we live in bushland.

We've let them be (pun intended) for now. When we return, I'd like to bottle just a little of it.

Peter Varvel said...

You shoulda' had Shelly or one of the girls climb up to the branches and pose next to the hive/nest so we can have some idea of how big it was . . . JUST KIDDING!

Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

I'd like to taste some that honey too Snap! Peter, I tried to get them to climb the tree, but they were being babies about. Saying stuff like I don't want to die Daddy! Oh, well what are you going to do!