Saturday, January 7, 2012

Muddy Christmas and Gloppy New Year!

This year we wanted to have a fresh clean start to the new year. Nothing says clean like a good old fashion mud bath. This debauchery actually took place before Christmas and so we decided it would be a good early Christmas present for the girls. They also invited their friend Micaiah who was a major playah in their mud fight video last year. Which has only 50,018 views/hits on youtube thats all.

Remember doing this kind of thing as a kid? Man, it seems so long ago when one could just let loose and start slinging the mud. Then I got to thinkin how playing in the mud is alot like being a missionary. It's a stretch I know, but like a mud fight it can be exhilarating and adventurous and at the same time very messy and uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like I have mud all over my face when I am out and about trying to speak Thai. Often I feel that Thai people are looking at me as if I actually had mud on my face. "What is he saying" "Is that Thai he is speaking"

Just like the picture here of the kids in the Charlie's Angel pose it just goes to show one needs support. Whether it is during a mud fight or trying to walk alongside people sharing your faith.

Life is messy and chaotic, but it is also can be filled with joy, just like playing in a mud puddle. What is the chaos and joy that God has put in your life?

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