Monday, September 30, 2013


This morning was a rough morning for my Daughter Anna.  She woke up in a foul mood and would not get out of her funk.  She wouldn't answer when asked what she wanted for breakfast.  She definitely didn't want to go to school and was crying almost constantly.  She kept saying how she hated school and just wanted to go home (Thailand).  I tried to console her and was also trying to get her out the door to school because she was running late.  I reassured her that it is only temporary and that we would be back home before we knew it.  She just looked at me with tear filled eyes and said "Dad, I just want to go home"  I felt like I was going to start break down crying as well.  I knew exactly how she felt because I was feeling the same thing.  She missed her cats, her friends and everything that reminds her of Thailand.  Anna has spent more of her life in Thailand than she has in the States.

It is difficult living out of a bag for 6 months and always on the go.  Our whole lives are back in Thailand and homesickness sometimes rears its head and makes us stop and reflect.  The pace of life in the States is fast paced and hectic and doesn't leave much time for yourself.  I am really homesick for the group of guys that I meet every Friday in Chiang Mai.  It is a time for being with a group of guys that are going through similar struggles and challenges.  I miss the staff at the AIDS ministry and the boys and staff  at Urban Light.  I just miss being home!


Angela Mankoff said...

it seems like yesterday you embarked on your first trip; hard to believe it's been this many years. I always wondered how it would be for your girls to live that far away from family etc, but it makes sense that that is the home anna misses! how does acacia do on these trips back?

Brett & Shelly Faucett said...

Hey Angela, Thanks for commenting. Sometimes I wonder if anybody ever really reads my posts. Acacia wants to go back to Thailand just as bad. They get excited about visiting America and then they get over the novelty of it and then they just want to go home.