Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Anna's 6th Birthday

"Happy 6th Birthday Honey" Once again tradition states that a pancake in the shape of the birthday persons age has to be produced. The girls love this tradition and love Daddy's pancake making ability. I am quite the pancake maker if I do say so myself.

After the Birthday breakfast Anna was hard at it opening presents from the family. Anna is actually a slow present opener. Sometimes it can take days for her to open presents. We wonder sometimes whose kid she is??????

Anna had invited several friends from school to join in her Birthday party. There were lots of fun games and activities like this quick change relay race.

Poor Anna took forever to blow out these relighting candles. It was sure fun to watch.

Anna and all her friends hamming it up for the camera! Happy Birthday Sweetheart!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!


Peter Varvel said...

I love your pancake tradition, too!
Happy Belated Wishes, Anna!
Tell her I think her Mommy and Daddy are MEAN for tricking her with those candles LOL!

Sandy said...

And a FUN party it was!!!!