Saturday, November 7, 2009

Chiang Mai Photo Exhibit

I have entered my first Photo Exhibition which starts on Nov 14th and runs until the 29th. Let me back up though and tell you that I'm not a professional photographer and I joined a photography group in Chiang Mai to hone my skills. This is the 2nd year the Chiang Mai Photographic Group (CMPG) has put on an exhibition. I feel very lucky to have 7 photos represented in the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition is Chiang Mai and Asia in general. I have 3 pictures from my Mission trip in India and 4 pictures from around Chiang Mai. I originally had 19 pictures entered, but we all had to vote on other photographers pics and I ended up with the final 7 in the show. This announcement is showing 2 of my pictures in the exhibition. The small picture on the left was not voted in. It is actually a picture of Acacia running in the rain during the monsoon season here in Chiang Mai.
I'll post the other pictures that made the cut in another blog post. For those of you living here in Chiang Mai come on out and check out the show. There are some fantastic photos of Chiang Mai and Asia.

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Peter Varvel said...

Congratulations! Perhaps you could start a separate blog/web site to feature your photography?