Friday, May 23, 2008


We participated in Sunday service at this beautiful church in Calcutta
This is the PCUSA Health Team
Washing day in the streets.
One of the several beggars that we encountered while on our way out to visit a hospital.
A nice serene stroll by the river.
This unfortunate baby was orphaned shortly after birth. His Mother died of complications and his Father died of AIDS a couple months prior to his birth. He is now in an AIDS hospice called Arunima AIDS hospice. He is only 2months old and will eventually be tested for HIV/AIDS when he is 6months old. Very sad!

This young woman is also a patient and Arunima AIDS hospice. I'm not sure how long she has been there and what her status is.

Walking along the streets of Calcutta you are sure to run into plenty of beggars. So many of them have missing limbs and so many of the children are used as a form of sympathy to get more money.

Calcutta was an incredibly congested and dirty place that was worse than I ever imagined. I've never seen so many people living on the streets in my life. It really makes me appreciate all that I have. I had an incredible opportunity to see another side of India other than the touristed places I've been. It was an eye opening experience. I also saw how truly caring other people can be despite the conditions they live in.

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Peter Varvel said...

Truly moving.
These photos mirror the vivid memories I have of a family trip to Bombay more than thirty years ago. I can never forget the overwhelming amount of poverty and leprosy, etc. that we saw.
It serves as a sharp reminder that we need to continue praying, and continue being proactive for more balance in this world.
Thank you for the significant difference that I'm sure is being made by your hard work and efforts.