Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Songkran is celebrated every year on April 12-14th. It is basically Thai New Year, but they celebrate it by having a country wide waterfight for the weekend. I think this was incorporated into the festivities because it also is the hottest time of the year. Thai's love to have fun. We however, decided to skip this mayhem and head for the hills. We hiked up a mountain called Doi Khun Than along with 10-12 other families trying to beat the heat and the crowds down in Chiang Mai. Missionary Families have been coming to Doi Khun Than for years and years and it holds a special place in their hearts. It was great to be up in the cool mountains with nothing to do but relax. In fact it was the most relaxing time we've had in Thailand so far. We were able to just sit and read for hours while our kids played with the other kids for hours on end. They were great baby sitters. I almost felt guilty, but then thought, nah!!! We went on hikes, played horseshoes, swung on two tire swings, bonfires with roasting marshmallows,smores, water fights and lots of games. We spent five nights up on Doi Khun Than and loved every minute of it. We think this might be a yearly ritual. Maybe one of the years we will stay in town for the waterfight. We hear it is quite the spectacle to see.


Peter Varvel said...

Is pretty-pretty Acacia wearing eye make up in that first photo on the swing?
Glad to read that you are okay, after the way Thailand's been making the news lately.
. . . not only okay, but relaxed and on vacation, even! Woo hoo!

sandyvandylittle said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH. I am finally catching up on your life. Looks like you have been busy with weddings and Country Day and now a holliday!!!!!!!!

I'm back home. Still calving. Cows go on the mountain this week. Then I visit Mom & Dad in Mexico!! I can't wait to sit and read for hours.

The girls look great...boy do they grow fast. You both look as if you are enjoying the country. How's the vocabulary coming along?

We might get SNOW tonight.....hope not. Remember snow???

bye for now... love, Sandy

David said...

For some reason, I was reminiscing today about Khun Than, so I threw the phrase into Google and landed on your blog. It was fun to look at the pictures, which brought back memories.

My dad used to be the US Consul in Chiang Mai in the mid 1970s, and he took the family up to Khun Than one weekend. I was about 7, and what I remembered about the place was an awfully long hike, the porters carrying my mom's bright pink Samsonite suitcase on a pole all the way up the mountain, and the utter darkness at night due to lack of electricity. We kids were afraid of the dark...obviously, we were city people!

Anyway, things have moved dad has passed away, and I'm now an aid worker in sunny southern Lebanon. Sure enough, we have two little girls following us around to the random spots we go to in the world You might enjoy my wife's blog:

I enjoyed the pictures and the post.