Sunday, May 4, 2008

Jeem's Wedding

We had the wonderful opportunity to participate in our friend and helper Jeem's wedding. Jeem is from the "Karen Hill Tribe" group, which is one of the many Hill Tribes that occupy Northern Thailand. Jeem and her new husband Somchai were dressed in traditional Karen wedding attire. We walked from her house to the church, which was only one block away. A vast majority of the Hill Tribe people are Christian. I'm glad our girls were able to see a traditional wedding in Thailand. We were the only foreigners present so we kind of attracted attention, especially with two blonde little girls. The ceremony was lovely and afterward we all gathered outside for a traditional Thai dinner. Shelly worked all day making desserts for the dinner, her peanut butter chocolate balls were a big hit! It was an honor to witness and participate in this beautiful wedding.


Peter Varvel said...

This is so beautiful to see, thanks for sharing! Jeem is absolutely stunning and radiant, just as a bride should be.

Jeff said...

Brett and Shelly, thanks for sharing the wonderful photos.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

We have been praying for the Karen people - ALL the people, actually - of Burma in the wake of that terrible storm. And we are praying for all of those trying to overcome the Myanmar government's obstacles, and deliver badly-needed relief to that country.

There are many of us here, in West Texas - recently returned from Thailand - who will be contributing to the cyclone relief fund set up by Partners relief & Development there, in Chiang Mai.

Carmen Goetschius said...

Who's the hot white lady in the red dress?!? And your girls looked beautiful. I am assuming that you had the dresses made for the occasion? Don't feel left out Brett, you were looking very handsome yourself!! What a lovely occasion! :-)