Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thatsa one spicy meetaball!!!

We have a really good Italian friend named Joe who loves to cook amazing Italian meals and wouldn't you know it, we love to eat amazing Italian meals.

The girls learn to make homemade pasta. Anna is cranking out the pasta and Acacia is following Joe's instruction to collect the pasta and then it will be set aside to continue making more.
Unfortunately we had our last dinner with Joe because he has to return to Italy since his visa ran out. Boooooooooo....


Peter Varvel said...

This is making my mouth water!
Wow, the all-American family eating authentic, homemade Italian food in Chiang Mai.
It IS a small world, after all, LOL.

Missioner said...

Wow, that looks real good! We visited an Italian restaurant while we were in Chiang Mai ..... but it's hard to beat home-cooked fare served at the family table!

Speaking of looks ... I love the elephant you've added to the blog!

Carmen Goetschius said...

YUMMY!! Delish. Have you picked up the skills from dear Joe to make your own noodles at home? What fun. Anna is looking so much more grown up-- especially in that last picture.