Sunday, June 15, 2008


This was our first time bowling in Thailand and I must admit, it was a lot fun. This actually all happened about a month ago. I'm just slow at blogging our daily lives. My apologies. One of the only gripes I had during bowling was that our scoreboard on the computer kept entering the wrong score and had to be corrected for each frame. Oh, and this nasty huge tumor that I had on my right leg. I've never seen a tumor grow so quickly and it practically rendered me useless.

I can't count how many times Shelly and I finished our frames in this position hoping for that elusive strike.
You may have picked up on the bumper guards in the picture of Acacia bowling. I can't remember if we requested those for the kids or ourselves. My memory seems to have faded in my old age.

ANNA, ANNA, no,no,no,no watch out for your fingers, the ball is going to pinch your fingerrrrrr........ Wailing and screaming ensued with all Thai eyes upon the the foreigners with the screaming kid. Ahhh, anonymity.
Anna giving us the finger. See my boo boo!! Poor thing we made it all better with ice cream after bowling.

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Peter Varvel said...

Risking "a little pain" that results in some ice cream? No fool she, that Anna!