Friday, November 9, 2007

Laundry worm thingy

I think it is the humidity that makes things grow bigger and faster. I know my hair and fingernails grow at an alarming rate due to the humidity. I get my hair cut and before you know it I feel like I have a lions mane on my head again. Something like that. I heard an excited plea for help from our housekeeper Jeem. "Brett, can you help me". We both looked into the washer machine and saw this behemoth worm. Jeem was in the process of taking out the laundry when she came upon this discovery. She got the heeby jeebies and would squirm as I took a picture of it then threw it in the garbage. I don't know how the heck it got in there. I just thought it was unusual to have a huge worm in your laundry and wanted to share with everyone.

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Su Bersch said...

GROSS- I hope you shake your clothes out before you wear them just in case one is hiding inside and wants a free ride. Aunt Su